Evento: Distribuzione Cup Holder K-pop virtual spin-off group

Bynine(BY9) is a virtual spin-off group derived from the South Korean survival audition program aired on Mnet. It is composed of 9 trainees who managed to survive until the final contest but failed to be in the top 11 and debut as X1, the official representative of the series. The nine members are Ku Jeongmo(Starship Ent.), Kim Minkyu(Jellyfish Ent.), Keum Donghyun(C9 Ent.), Song Yuvin(Music Works Ent.), Lee Sejin(iMe Korea Ent.), Lee Jinhyuk(TOP Media Ent.), Tony Yu(FNC Ent.), Ham Wonjin(Starship Ent.) and Hwang Yunseong(Woollim Ent.). The fandom of nine trainees who felt sorry for the boys united to come up with a spin-off project group named Bynine, raised funds to advertise the group and appeal to their agencies to realize the virtual group. More than thirty billboard advertisements were hung on major subway stations nationwide, and the fandom even managed to hang one at New York Times Square. Hopeful moments were when some of the agencies made positive response to the proposal, mentioning ‘Bynine’ directly on paper. Currently, fans are still working on various ways to make Bynine happen.